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5 star reviewI was very impressed with how smooth and silent it was.

I found the DeskCycle to be an excellent solution for both for getting a cycling workout and decreasing your sedentary time. Turn your sitting time into active time. The manufacturer provided a sample for me to use to review, which I purchased after giving it a try-out. It fits perfectly into my workstyle and takes up no space in my office.
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Wendy Bumgardner, Reviewer for


5 star reviewI love my new bike!

I had such high expectations for my DeskCycle and they have been far surpassed!  I love my new “bike”!  It is perfect for work, gives a fantastic resistance, and the desk display is wonderful.  I could not be happier. Thank you so much for creating a wonderful option for people who are confined to a desk all day.

T. Terry


5 star reviewI absolutely love the desk cycle!!!

I absolutely love the desk cycle!!! I also run, but have difficulty working it in, except on weekends. It's great being able to cycle while sitting at my desk, since I'm at my desk up to eight hours a day anyway. Again, I love it and would recommend it to anyone.

D. Ahlstrom


5 star reviewLove it!!!!

I bought a very inexpensive under desk pedal a few weeks ago. It had next to no tension and my knees hit my desk. This one is pricey, I was skeptical on spending $160. It came in today (I ordered it Monday) and I LOVE IT! My knees do not hit the desk, it is really sturdy and so quiet. All the pieces are enclosed with a case so it does not catch my pant legs. I have it on tension 5 (it goes to eight) and I am working up a sweat. I know it is only day 1 but I am already glad I bought this.

M. Vinyard (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewStealthercize with the DeskCycle

I am so impressed with this gem. It is absolutely quiet, if not silent. It is easy to use and assemble. The instructions were clear and it was machined perfectly. The straps on the pedals have strong hook and loop. I recommend the DeskCycle to people all the time. It is great. I debated between the DeskCycle and MagneTrainer, both by 3D Innovations. I decided on the DeskCycle because I wanted the low profile, just short of 10 inches in height and the 20 inch wide front leg which I surmised might keep it in place well. It is currently resting on a hard wood floor and does not move unless I misstep or push incorrectly. The key is to PEDAL DOWN. I had read this in the directions so I made sure to adjust to this method from the start to develop good pedaling habits. It is pretty easy to pedal at its lower setting. This judgment is based on my nonathletic pedaling. One can pedal either way, forward or "backward". I use it in a variety of positions, sitting comfortably upright in my club chair or sitting back in the same chair, or sitting in my wheelchair, which pretty much puts me sitting somewhat stiffly upright. At this time, I use setting 3 and pedal 15 minutes at a time. I got the accessory monitor stand so I can see time, speed, distance, and calories on my table top. I am a disabled user who wants to gain strength and move my legs more but people without physical challenges can benefit from the DeskCycle just as much, if not MORE, than I do! Couch potatoes, put your feet on those pedals. People working at desks, this is such a great item to keep your blood pumping and increase fitness. Love to sit and read or surf the internet? The DeskCycle does not interfere with other activities. It won't disturb those around you unless they get tired of you telling them how awesome the DeskCycle is! Finally, customer service for the DeskCycle is the best I have seen. I wrote with questions and received personal attention almost immediately. I was very impressed and felt confident purchasing the DeskCycle and my expectations have been exceeded. For the curious, I have multiple sclerosis, a disease of the nervous system, and can walk short distances using a cane and stand for short periods of time. I have terrible balance so walking for exercise is ridiculous for me. I can barely feel my feet. I use a wheelchair in the house, doing a combination of rolling, then standing, then sitting, then rolling. I use a lightweight wheelchair when I go to the store or the mall, for example. My legs have become deconditioned because I sit an awful lot. I had considered purchasing a recumbent exercise bike but I do not need yet one more big thing sitting in my house nor did I want to have to assemble a large machine. The assembly of the DeskCycle took me just a few minutes. I have an upper body ergometer so I did not need that feature that can be added to the MagneTrainer (for those of you who want to exercise both arms and legs). I just want to move my legs more and gain strength. The low profile of the DeskCycle means I can get my feet into the straps on the pedals easily. I can use the DeskCycle easily and I feel my muscle strength improving with just my short rides.

J. Avery Kellan


5 star reviewI love it

I received my DeskCycle on Friday last week. I love it, and now everyone in the office wants one. Just wanted to let you know that I got it and I'm very pleased.

Alaine B.


5 star reviewThank you for making this product!

I have been using the cycle for months now and I am so happy with it. As a psychotherapist I do not sit behind a desk when I am working. This machine is so quiet and smooth that I can easily use it while in session. I find it very relaxing. My clients have also used it and I believe several have gone on to purchase one for themselves! I will probably get a second one in a few months so my clients can use it whenever they like! Thank you for making this product!



5 star reviewAbsolutey awesome

This DeskCycle is the Cat's Meow...whether or not you own a desk. And to think I was within moments of purchasing one of the cheaper ones, I should say, one of the 'non-magnetic resistance' ones. Then somehow I stumbled across this one, and am so glad I did. I never knew cycling could be this smooth and quiet. I see no way for any part on this unique little machine to ever break down. Just wait until you see how it works. You can actually see the mechanism working as you cycle, thru the dark transparent top down into its smooth working innards. But you'll never hear it. Sweet.... I stumbled a bit putting it together, not paying enough attention to which end was the front, but once I recognized what I'd done wrong, everything was a piece of cake after that. I will emphasize what the instructions do, and that's to tighten down very tightly the pedal screws. You don't want the threads eventually stripping, which is the only thing I can see that could possibly go wrong with this cycle. I'm using the cycle with a very small fold-up round seated chair and sit back comfortably there and watch TV. Maybe tomorrow I'll read a book instead (currently working on the 1400 pg. 'Sacajawea' by Anna Lee Waldo...great book!). I think that will be a very pleasant time with a very pleasant cycle. I have no problem whatsoever with the cycle moving forward or anywhere else on my very short carpet. I can pedal it downward (as suggested in the instructions) or pedal it forward, it makes no difference, it stays securely where I've put it. This is a high-quality made exercise cycle. It's heavy enough to remain stable when on a carpet, but not too heavy to pick up and carry around. Although I think it would be perfect for placing under a desk, it's certainly not made for that purpose alone. Anyone who wants or needs this kind of exercise should be thrilled with the workout you can get with this cycle. can take it easy on Setting 2 or 3, which you probably should anyway in the beginning, or set it on an upper number for a real tough workout. Don't worry about not getting enough 'resistance' with it. I can see now that I could never pump it at a setting of probably more than about 4 or 5 (it goes to 8). Oh...the pedals. I don't need the straps to go over my shoes so I just pedal on the straps (don't know if that's okay or not). I was pleasantly surprised to find that pedaling barefoot or with just socks (directly on the pedal) is equally comfortable. Somebody brilliant must have invented this cycle. And somebody equally brilliant wrote the instructions. They're clear and straightforward (a rare thing) and it should take you about 10 minutes to put this together. The pedals were just a little challenging for me...just be patient and make sure you start threading the screw in the right direction for each pedal. Then screwing it in all the way takes just a little muscle, but be sure the screw goes in all the way and to make it a very tight fit. (Don't keep screwing it in if you think it's not in the right threads...just start over til you're sure.) I wish everyone could afford to buy this cycle, and can just say it's more than worth saving up for if that's what it takes to have one. My advice to those who can't buy it right away is to either save up, or ask for it as a Christmas or Birthday gift. I would have been thrilled to receive it as a gift. Oh yeah, it comes with a one-year standard Warranty. If you're not sure between buying the DeskCycle or the MagneTrainer, write to 3D Innovations and they'll send you a chart that shows the similarities and differences between the two. The folks there are very friendly and helpful. I came down on the side of the DeskCycle because of its low and smaller profile. Well...I'm a lady and no spring chicken. And I don't work for this company. But I do think this DeskCycle is awesome! I'm looking forward to getting a lot of use out of it and having a lot of fun with it for a very long time. I highly recommend this DeskCycle to everyone who's looking to buy one.

Penname (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewQuality Product

Looked at so many of these before purchasing this more expensive model. So glad I did! Quality product. Solid steel construction. Quiet and very smooth operation. Doesn't move while using it very much. Resistance is smooth and more that enough when turned up all the way. Well worth the price, would absolutely buy again.

K Kropp (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewIt’s very Meditative!

I'm a freelance bookkeeper and I've emailed the Amazon link to all my clients and friends I think would benefit. What a lifesaver as I used to refer sitting in my chair all day as "just sitting here with my blood pooling" because that's how I felt!!! I also have a treadmill desk I set up, but that isn't as convenient as this because it really is hard to walk all day (legs hurt) and for that I still need my sitting desk for when I'm fatigued, so I feel like the DeskCycle is a better solution in many ways.

T. Taylor



I purchased my Desk Cycle just this month, and I can tell you it was well worth the price. The cycle is not light weight, which is good for keeping it from sliding on the ground. I can pick it up with no problem, but for someone who may be elderly or unable to lift anything heavy, it might be a little difficult. I started peddling on 2 and it really worked my legs, but and abs. It just reminded me of how out of shape I really am, ugh! However, I can see myself using this with no hesitation everyday, because I just attach it to my chair, get on and pedal. I can read a book or study while cycling which is a plus. The cycle is quiet and smooth. You can exercise in front of others who may be watching T.V.and hear no complaints from them, its that quiet. I think it would be great to use in a cubical setting under a desk in a office, however, my job is more walking around, so I use mine at home. I have school full time online, and need something that can give me a workout without having to take time away from my studies. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a simple cycle, without taking up so much space. I received my cycle on time, with no missing pieces and well packed for product protection. My cycle came with two monitors, one that attaches to the cycle as seen in the picture and one that can go on your desk. It comes with a velcro strap to attach to a regular chair or even a rolling office chair. Great Product, well made and very sturdy.

Heather (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewDeskellent Bike

This is a very well made product. It's quiet, it has good resistence, and the read out monitor is a nice feature. The only problem is, no matter how hard I pedal, I'm still at work. :(

PuffyPinkCow (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewLove this!

We have had our DeskCycle for a just a few days and I am so impressed! We are using it at home for our web surfing. We have a very small student type desk and had to move the keyboard and remove the keyboard tray. No biggy, it always bugged me there anyway.

This is so well made and easy to assemble. Took just 5 minutes and the tool is included.

The best part is it is quiet to the point of being silent! An hour checking email and catching up on the news is now an hour I gently pedaled and improved my health.

I never review products but I had to with this one it is GREAT!

cheriami (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewAmazing Mini Desk Cycle!

I just purchased the mini desk cycle about 2 weeks ago. I search through many reviews for different cycles. This mini cycle is great and seems to be very well made. I was afraid for such a great price it would be cheap and flimsy, but it is not. It was very easy to assemble and I didn't even need to look at the manual. I thought I was going to need tools to put it together (I had it delivered right to my work) but it came with the wrench you need to tighten the bolts! I have been using this under my desk for two weeks now. My desk is a little low and I find if I move my chair out so my knees are just outside my desk, I can still reach my desk and I am very comfortable (it actually is helping me keep better posture). It is extremely quiet and I cannot even hear it running at all. I love that it keeps track of distance, time, speed and calories (it does have another number called scan but I do not know what that means though I bet it is in the manual). I did not like the strap the cycle came with to keep it anchored to the chair. Instead, I have simply positioned one of the wheels of the chair over the front bar and the chair does not move at all.
Overall, this is a wonderful product that I highly recommend. I don't even realize how long I am using it for because I am distracted by work so the health benefits are amazing! I will be purchasing one for my husband as he also has to spend a lot of time at a desk while working.

anon48302 (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewSturdy, quiet, smooth

Easy to put together. Although more expensive than other under-desk cycles, still seems a great value considering how sturdy this machine is. Is not light. Although it is small, heavy enough that it is not practical to plan to put away in closet, say, after each use. Not at all wobbly, noisy, or creaky. Doesn't seem to heat up either. Other reviewers are right: the velcro straps to keep from sliding are a bit cheesy. However,the straps are totally effective and easy. So, works for me. Has a wide range of tension settings. I have set it on the lower end of the range and pedaled for several hours barely noticing my effort as I worked on computer. (Although later in the day I felt my legs and abs had had a workout.) Higher end of range gives a serious workout. This one is for my home. After having it for a week and using it daily, I plan to order one for work. Strongly recommended. No reservations.

Anonymous (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewVery nice

I recently received this and it is very good quality.

My only gripe is that my heels hit the front bar if I don't hold them up while I am pedaling. (I wear a size 10 mens shoe.) However, I also do not put my feet all the way forward (or I should say to the middle) into the straps on the pedals, as I am used to toe clips on a bicycle. It's not a big deal though.

The resistance adjustment is very nice, and the mechanism is very smooth.


Two weeks later and I've really gotten used to this little machine. It's dead silent, easy to pedal in a way that feels natural and smooth, and does not slide around. This differs greatly from other machines I have used in the past. My wife had an excercycle ... thing, and turning the resistance knob made it harder to pedal, but in a way that felt like you were fighting against a brake on the wheel (which is what it was) and was unnatural. The resistance on this simply feels smooth but requires more effort, there is no fighting an artificial brake feeling. I find that it a lot more conducive to wanting to use this more as it gives a more natural feel, allowing for longer use with harder resistance.

I have this under my desk (of course) and discovered that I have "gone" 33 miles, 5 of those just today. The more I use it the better it feels. I no longer hit my heels on the front beam.

After riding for a while I can really feel it in my calves, a nice burn which I have not felt in years. And when I get up and walk around it feels like I just got off a bike ride, albeit with a much lower level of effort/stress.

The only thing I would change would be to remotely mount the display panel. It appears to use a standard stereo (mono?) plug, though, so it may be as simple as buying a headphone extension cable and putting it where ever you want. It's not that important, but it would be easier than peering under my desk with a flashlight to see how "far" I went today.

It would also be nice if the weighted pedals would remain upright in reference to the straps. The pedal appear to be designed to stay upside-right, but they don't, so you have to fiddle with them a little to flip them upside-right before you can get your feet into the straps. It's no big deal, though, with a little practice it becomes second nature.

This is a fantastic little device. It is worth every penny.

J. Fullerton (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewaddicting... in the best way

I can't seem to turn this thing off. I have been off exercise completely for a couple months due to a knee injury. This machine arrived about 2 hours ago. Took 20 min to assemble, and I have been pedaling on the lowest setting ever since,while surfing the internet. This is PERFECT for maintaining a minimum level of activity,while non-weightbearing. Very comfortable, and quiet, fits under my desk just fine.

Thank you thank you thank you, I may survive this to hike again!

Koho (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewQuality

The quality is impressive. I've looked at several mini cycles before buying this one. I bought it because I wanted to make sure I had a good fit under a normal office desk, but I was impressed with the quality compared to others. It is practically silent since I can hear the rubbing of my pant legs more than I hear the machine. The magnetic resistance is an excellent mechanism for resistance and stays quiet while giving you resistance. I have recommended to several of my friends. It has dramatically changed my activity level since my job requires so much sitting. I wear a pedometer daily for the last few months. It was taking a 2-3 mile walk after work every night to accumulate 10,000 steps a day. Now, I have 10,000 steps by lunch time and I feel the exercise effects in my legs.

Not So High Maintenance (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewIt genuinely seems like they wanted to make a good product with their customers in mind

The bike comes out of the box mostly assembled, and all the tools you need are in the box. Assembly literally consists of screwing in 6 screws and took me less than 10 minutes. The owners manual is short and written in plain English. Read the whole things, it takes almost no time and contains some important information about proper use and care. Unlike many product manuals I've received, this one is not trying to hide the ball. There is no small print and everything is easy to understand.

All the moving parts are internal and the bearings require no lubrication. It runs very quietly and the faint hum it does create acts as kind of white noise that makes it easier for me to concentrate. Importantly, unlike other exercise bikes, this one actually gives good resistance and the difference between settings is noticeable.

The thing that most pleased me about my order experience was how clear it was that the people at DeskCycle wanted to make a good product, and one that would work for their customers. I have a short desk but I was still able to pedal comfortably at a reasonable sitting distance. The bike came with a tether for people with rolling desks so that they won't slowly slide away as they pedal. They also included an extension cord and a stand so that you can put the monitor (which measures speed, time, and calories burned) on your desk instead of on the bike.

Again, the owners manual was concise and written in plain language. The information on use and care seemed like it was intended to actually make the product work better. For other products, "care instructions" seem more like a laundry list of ways for the company to void the warranty. Overall I am extremely satisfied with my order and think it was well worth the extra money over some of the cheaper alternatives that tend to overheat, break, require additional lubrication, and don't fit underneath a small desk.

Ethan H Stone (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewI love the DeskCycle

Just writing to tell you how much I love the DeskCycle. I am homebound and don't get out more than twice a year for medical checkups. This DeskCycle is a dream come true for me. I believe this will help me improve many aspects of my health. In the future I may get another model to help strengthen my arms as well, but I thought this DeskCycle was more important for now because of bad circulation in my legs. Keep up the great work. I look forward to doing more business with your company in the future.

R. Chramega


5 star reviewVery impressed

I'll start out with the basics. I received this product quickly and well packaged. Opened the box and put it together very easily according to the directions. I am not so good at putting things together and always worry about that part when I order things. It comes with a type of wrench tool to tighten the bolts. I was a little clumsy with it but got it done & was very pleased that the directions were very clear and simple. As for the product, it was worth every penny but it wouldve been nice to have free shipping. If that was offered, I woud buy another one because I want one for home use as well as at my office. This cycle is very quiet which is great, and on settings 1 & 2 I can easily work on the computer at the same time. So far, I have only used it up to the 3rd setting while at home on my couch and that level was enough to make me feel I'd had a good 50 minute workout while watching tv.

This cycle is heavy enough (23lbs) to be very sturdy when using. It has a display monitor that shows how many minutes, distance, speed, and calories burned. I really love this item because although I workout 4 days a week I do a lot of sitting at work and at home. This ensures that I am getting in a extra workout throughout the day, increasing my calorie burn and activity level. I really can feel the workout in my thighs when I'm done.

Caveat: be sure to measure your desk height before you purchase. The description says that this works for desk heights 27inches and higher. I absolutely could not fit this under my desk at home without continually bumping my knees and that desk height is about 25 in. So I use it at home while being a couch potato watching tv. (I am 5'9''). But it works great with my desk at work. I have not needed to use the tether strap to connect to my rolling chair but it's nice that it's there in case. Every coworker I have shown this to has been very impressed & said that now they are going to get one too. Some have mentioned finding a cheaper version but I am trying to convince them to spend the extra $ to get this because it is extremely well made and seems like it will last a long time. The reviews I have seen on other cycles like this are all poor enough that I chose this one. This one is awesome.

One suggestion for the company, add some kind of metal piece with a hole to the supporting pieces or the body so that you can use a chain bike lock to lock it to a desk at work. It's an expensive piece and I don't want it stolen. In the meanwhile, I will tote it back and forth to work. 23lbs though makes that inconvenient to do even though the benefit of that is more of a workout for me.

Nikisue "Luvtoshop" (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewPerfect for my needs

I purchased this product to get some exercise while I watch TV. I purchased this particular model because the reviews said that it didn't have the issues of the much cheaper products - heating up, breaking, moving etc.

I've only had it a week, but the product is working perfectly for my needs. I get a good workout on it - the tension control actually does have a difference to it, it doesn't slip on my carpet when using it from my couch and its compact enough that I can leave it in my living room without it being in the way. Though as pricey as buying some of the full bikes, I am very happy with my purchase.

Book Lover (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewFive Stars

Very high quality. Use it every day.

Danny O. (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewRugged and sturdy 2. Quiet 3

5 day review: 1. Rugged and sturdy 2. Quiet 3. Does the job perfectly 4. Using it at the office - no one knows I am exercising until i show them! 5. Fellow employees are ecstatic about it 3D Innovations: Thank you for a well done job!

jumboFiatco (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewLike biking uphill with weights on

Bought one for my brother for a birthday present. He was raving about it so much, I ended up getting one for myself. Pros: -Easy to assemble -Well made, durable -Small, doesn't take much space -Good resistance. I normally go between 2-4. 8 is really really tough. Like biking uphill with weights on :D Cons: -I didn't get this sooner Main reason I got it.. I spend about 1-2 hours a day gaming/watching shows etc. Although I do exercise a little bit, it's never really the amount I should be. With this desk cycle, I can zone out after work and watch TWD or something and get 45 minutes of cycling in :)

Paul V. (AmazonReviewer)


5 star reviewFive Stars

It works! It's quiet. Fits under the cubicle desk..

OldGit (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewExcellent value


Carol Bova (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewNothing flimsy about this!

This a product that is well designed with instructions easy to follow when putting it together. The feet on the legs keep it stationary when in use and it really provides a workout so your time is well spent when using the DeskCycle. For what the product is designed to do, it's hard to find any issues with it.

D. Gresty (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewLove this little machine

Love this little machine. Keeps my legs moving, and keeps my ankles from getting swollen from sitting too long all day. Great way to stay awake in meetings too.

Katsolo (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewI love this machine

I love this machine! It's very well made and virtually silent! I bought it to use while watching tv with my husband and it works perfectly. We sit on a futon and I put the Deskcycle right in front of the futon. Our floor is wood and I have no trouble whatsoever with the exerciser moving. I didn't need to use the velcro strap. We watch tv for about an hour and we can't hear the cycle at all. According to the digital monitor, instead of just sitting there (possibly snacking) I burn about 600 calories/hr (have to double check that online). Highly recommended!

Northwest Reader (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewFive Stars

A+, would buy again

Dave (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewI love this cycle

I love this cycle! Best thing I've done for myself in a long time. I use it at work and it helps me to be less fidgety and more focused. This eliminated the nerve pain I was suffering from sitting for long periods. It is very quiet. I highly recommend it

GSD "Nature Lady" (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewI love this! I sit at my desk all day

I love this! I sit at my desk all day, so sometimes this is all the exercise I get in a day.

Kristi Kaseman (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewSturdy construction, easy setup with tool provided

Sturdy construction, easy setup with tool provided. Quiet operation. I'm using it (right now!) at the kitchen table. It does not slip on the tile floor.

maxturtle "poparna" (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewFive Stars

Works Great!

vj14220 (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewSilent but awesome!

Excellent product, well built, can be made very easy up to very hard. Perfect for people who are in front of screens 24/7. I am an exercise addict and have not found any other product which my wife or son would use. They both LOVE this. My wife uses it in the living room watching TV. Son has been using it daily since the 2 weeks he's had his.

Marc Glass (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewNo time for exercise, is no longer an excuse.

I needed a way to squeeze exercise into my already jam packed schedule. I am a working mom with a desk job, and precious few hours of "free" time to spend with my little girl so i didn't want to join a gym. I got this desk cycle for my office at work and can sit and pedal all day, which is great! I get my low intensity steady state (LISS) cardio in, and on my lunch break I sometimes sneak in a few high (ok, moderate) intensity intervals (HIIT). Really, I do moderate intensity because I don't need to be too sweaty at work, which I could easily do on this cycle. The comact size means I can still read, type and work while pedalling away. The only negative I can think of is that I do have to sit about 6-8 inches farther from my desk, to avoid hitting my knees, but my desk is kind of narrow anyway, so I just pulled my keyboard closer to the edge. I have a very casual office where I'm in jeans 90% of the time. I do have a private office, but I wouldn't need one because this cycle is so quiet in motion. It wasn't too hard to put together out of the package. It also came with a velco strap to attach a rolling chair so you don't roll away while pedaling. I love this thing and I've already lost 5 pounds. Yay!

Amy R (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewFive Stars


FRON3195 (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewI LOVE THIS THING

I LOVE THIS THING. I don't know why I would be NOT pedaling any time I could BE pedaling. I pedaled while I bought insurance, I pedaled while I facebooked. I pedaled while I brushed my teeth! This was the best birthday present and, according to my husband, got to him earlier than expected. Thanks!

Laura Jeanne Donnell (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewMust Buy!

Awesome! Helps me keep fit while sitting at a desk at work. Worth every penny! Silent operation, durable, great variation levels for resistance.

Danielle Lawrence (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewFantastic product! Crazy about it--everyone that sits a lot should get one!

After researching of all the mini-exercise cycles out there, I chose this one because it had the best reviews. It may have been the most expensive of the ones I viewed, but it is worth every penny. My son said don't even bother with the cheaper ones--they tear up right away--he's seen a lot of that at the nursing home where he worked. I sit all day in my home office at a computer desk, and I needed something to help me exercise while doing my work. The pedal action extremely quiet and smooth and comfortable at many angles and sitting heights. I love the sleek, space-saving design--fits nicely under my desk. The eight resistance settings allow you to work at your personal best level. The display showing time, calories, distance and average speed is very easy to read and operate. I bought the display extension so I can put the display on my desk--very useful. The cycle is heavy enough that it doesn't slide around on the hard floor while I'm pedaling and can be used while sitting in various sizes and styles of chairs (so far, it was the most comfortable on a regular heavy wooden kitchen chair). I haven't needed the supplied Velcro chair strap. The only con to this mini-cycle is that it is heavy to carry from room to room. That isn't a negative for me, just something to consider.

PenguinMom "PenguinMom" (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewGREAT PRODUCT!!

I use this 5 days a week and it is GREAT! I love the adjustment and the display. It is also quiet. I wish I had found it sooner!!

Green Eggs in Memphis (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewhas many tension settings so I can ride as hard or easy as I want

I am so excited about this machine, It is very quiet, has many tension settings so I can ride as hard or easy as I want, is comfortable to use and is really helping me get the exercise I need! I have a desk job, so use at work and started out doing 10- 15 min each hour or so and now have med tension setting and ride the entire time I am at my desk. My only problem is convincing the rest of the office to keep the air condition set low so I don't get too sweaty!!

Amazon Customer (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewExceeded expectations

The DeskCycle is exactly what I hoped it would be -- a way to benefit physically from all the time spent sitting at work. I find multitasking almost effortless with this device, although I can see how that may vary from person to person. I did forty miles my first day and have been as high as 100 (I was going to be sitting at my desk all day and wanted to see if I could hit 100). I average around 55 miles per day in almost a month of use so far. If you are short, there will almost definitely be a way to work this into your desk environment. I am 6' tall and have my DeskCycle at a slight angle to my desk, while also sitting at an angle. Sounds awkward, but I have my mouse and keyboard extended about a foot in front of my desk, so it works out fine. You may not need both of those things to make it work if you are over 5'6" or so, but you will probably need one of the two or some other technique to mitigate your leg length. The company has been excellent to deal with as well. I needed a replacement part and they handled the process quickly and gracefully. You can't say that about customer service at many companies anymore, so I thought it was worth mentioning. Overall, if you can find a way to make this fit your work environment, I think the multitasking will come with experience if it's not immediate. This product is so good that it compelled me to write my very first Amazon review after all these years. Congrats to the folks at 3D Innovations!

Jeff (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewGreat for couch potatoes

Bought it for my wife so she can keep up her leg strength (MS) while she's watching TV. I use it as well and it does work. I have it on carpeting and it doesn't move at all. You can get your heart rate going if you turn up the resistance. You may think for the price it isn't worth it but this is a quality build that will get a lot of use. Don't let it sit around like your other exercise equipment. You're being a couch potato anyway, you're already there, so put this to use.

Misfit (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewFive Stars

Love my Desk Bike!

MV (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewThe DeskCycle is awesome!

The DeskCycle is awesome! It makes exercising during the day at work so easy. The bike it quiet and tucks away nicely under my desk. I would and have been recommending this to everyone.

Maria (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewGreat product for daily exercise in tight

Great product for daily exercise in tight, small spaces. Better than my stationary bike because it offers better resistance features and it stores easily.

RoesertheReader  (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewI love this item

I love this item.I work10 hrs four days a week. This is a great work out tool when sitting behind a desk for most of my shift. I'm in love with my new purchase!

ROSLEN (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewFantastic!!!

This thing is absolutely amazing. Totally silent, well built and effortless to incorporate into my workday. I sit long periods of time and I definitely notice the difference with this- able to edit documentaries and make phone calls with no problem. Pair with sitting on a stability ball and you won't be disappointed.

T. Fry (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewQuiet, convenient and compact!

I love it! it's quiet, convenient, compact and solidly built! People barely notice it under my desk and I can vary the intensity to a level that I can pedal while writing email or browsing the web. I can easily do 5-10 minutes without realizing it! Great for people at desk jobs!

Michelle Bautista "micmac74"  (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewPerfect

My upright exercise bike locked up and, since it was both uncomfortable and noisy, I was intrigued by this model -- and encouraged by the reviews reporting that it was quiet and easy to assemble. I was happy to have the same experience. Assembly is clear, simple, and quick. I am still amazed (and delighted) by the fact that it is virtually silent, which is very important for condo / apartment environments with poor acoustic insulation. I no longer worry about annoying my neighbors with my exercise routine, and I love the portability -- I am no longer confined to a single place in the house.

avi8rix "avi8rix" (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewAwesome purchase!

This is an awesome purchase. I am addicted to this thing. I use it at my desk during the day and then bring it in to the living room at night and use it some more. I can easily burn 500-1000 calories in a day using this. It is much easier in front of the TV, because my keyboard drawer gets in the way while I am working, but you cannot go wrong with this purchase. It is impossible to hear a single noise from is so very quiet. It is very smooth pedaling too. I work at a hospital and I have even gotten some of my nurse friends to buy this. I think we all love it!

Debbie Davis (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewFive Stars

Our kids love these!

Asena Mott (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewVery happy. I would recommend using on a lower setting ...

Very happy. I would recommend using on a lower setting and having a small portable fan on when in use. You can work up a sweat. For the office I work in I do not want to be sweaty so I keep it on a lower setting with the fan running and it works great. I also recommend getting the display extension with stand. Overall the product is great.

Michael True (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewExcellent Product!

I love using the DeskCycle and look forward to using it. It's very well made and fits under my desk well. We use it daily!

Alex Finken (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewThis is GREAT investment.

This is GREAT investment... my coworker has one of the less expensive models and it slides all over the place, squeaks, and has no resistance. This is smooth, QUIET (my coworker in the next cube doesn't even didn't even realize I had it, and I have been pedaling away for three days), and the resistance levels actually do increase. I love it, hopefully it's built to last because each day I have put 20 miles on it. And it really does help with focus and productivity, a little blood circulation goes a long way- better than coffee!

Keri S (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewFive Stars

Love this item. Better than expected. Very Quiet

Natalie Miller (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewSeriously awesome. No, seriously.

I purchased this about 3 weeks ago and use it everyday. The first week or so, I was hitting about 35/40 miles per day on a level 2 resistance. I'm now hitting 50+. Granted, there isn't much resistance at level 2 but it's good and steady. Plus, I don't want to be a sweaty mess at work! I highly recommend you get the display extension kit otherwise you will not be able to see your riding stats. Speaking of which, speed/distance/time are the only reliable stats. The calorie counter on this is based on the resistance setting being at it's highest so I completely disregard it. There is a website where you can input your personal data (height/weight/resistance/speed/etc) and it will give you an approximation of calories burned. What I love about it: My knees don't knock against my desktop and it's completely silent. The only downside? All of my colleagues keep coming to my desk in awe!!! They all want one! The HR manager loves it and drags everyone over to see it. I keep having to forward the link to people! Two people have already bought them after seeing mine and a few more are placing orders this week. I feel a little interoffice competition in the works... In any case, it is well worth the premium. With the holidays coming up, I highly encourage anyone with even a marginal amount of interest to buy it now before they sell out. I can seriously see that happening.

ykittys (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewCouch Potato No More

I got this so I would feel more productive watching TV. While it does not have the same range of motion as a regular bike, the tension settings and speed ensure you will get some exercise. And, it's very quiet.

Stacey (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewFive Stars

Substantial and easy to use. Doesn't take up much space.

ollie (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewLove this equipment for exercising

fits nicely under the desk the weight keeps it from sliding. I afew more parts to assemble than I expected but it works and I am retired and spend a lot of time at my desk working on family tree and photos I take. This allows me the time to do those things and get some exercise in without walking outside on hard surfaces that make my retired feet very sore.

Amazon Customer "Nina" (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewFive Stars

Sturdy and silent with a low profile. Love it!

Genevieve K. (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewI love him and it

My husband purchased this for me ... I love him and it!! Being someone that is "antsy" and stuck all day indoors doing spreadsheets (ugh) this has really help my attention spand - Not to mention my attitude (expecially when talking to whinny people on the phone - lol) It was easy to assemble. I did have to remove the keyboard try from my desk to accomidate my knees. Well worth every penny

Thistle Hill (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star revieweasy to assemble

very quiet. easy to assemble. love!

Lily (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewFive Stars

Love it! Best purchase. Tried the cheaper ones and returned them all.

cynthia (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewThe DeskCycle is great. I use it while working at my computer ...

The DeskCycle is great. I use it while working at my computer at work. It is very well built and quiet to operate. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to exercise while at their desk.

Smith (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewBuy this and you will probably never have to buy another under-the-desk pedaler again!!!

I work in a quiet open office setting and needed a discreet under-the-desk pedal machine that was silent. Like many folks, I cannot allocate free time to go to the gym after/before work since I am a full time working parent of a toddler. I did some online researching about utilizing a cycler at your desk to burn calories over the course of the workday and I was sold. I was eyeing this model and the Stamina In-motion compact elliptical, but unfortunately made a poor decision and tried the latter first. After a month or so of daily use the In-motion elliptical would make a squeaking sound loud enough that I had to stop. The pedaling motion was jerky too. So I decided to invest in this more expensive device and have been using for almost a week now at my desk for 6-8 hours each time. Love it and I am happy to find an under-the-desk pedal machine that works for my office setting. It is truly soundless, very smooth bi-directional pedaling because of it's magnet based system, and it comes with a basic velcro chair tether you can use to keep from rolling away with a rolling chair. The down side is that the calorie counter is inaccurate but this is going to be true with all of them. I use the website's calorie calculator and use that as a general guideline for about how many calories burned; and having it at medium resistance(5-6) and pedaling constantly for at least 6 hours burns me almost 1000 more calories than I would have burned just sitting at my desk during my shift! This price certainly beats a gym membership and is well worth it. If you are serious about getting your workout done I would highly suggest just going ahead and invest in this one; don't make the same mistake I did.

Amazon Customer (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewPerfect

This desk pedaling solution is the best! It's completely silent, the low pedaling height it just right for me to be able to pedal below my desk and not hit it with my knees, and the resistance is really strong! I could not be happier. If you want a desk pedaling machine that feels like a real, high quality exercise machine, this is the one you are looking for! So sturdy, only gets warm inside, high quality, just heavy enough to never slide away while I pedal but light enough that I can easily re-position it when I need to. It's just perfect. Everything I had hoped it would be.

Bearzor (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewNice and quiet

I bought this for my mom after researching this for quite some time. My mom is 84 and the doctor wants her to walk more. She uses 2 canes to get around. I bought this because it is very heavy and won't move forward due to the momentum. It is also very quiet so she can watch tv and cycles each day for about 30 minutes. The DeskCycle is also low to the ground so she doesn't have to lift her legs to get them on the pedals. She says it is helping with her circulation and that is all I need to know.

Beancounter (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewFive Stars

Excellent product! Exceeded all of my expectations

Denise Lindgren (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewStill early for full review, but so far I am in love!

Just received and so far I am in love. Very smooth, comfortable and easy to set up. I will follow up in a few weeks re: progress!

Michelle (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewI bought from 3d Innovations LLC and they were an excellent seller.

Quality product! This is a well made item that serves its purpose well as a desk/chair exerciser It is heavier than it looks (around 20 pounds) so some might find it a bit difficult to lift around. However, its weight helps it stay in place when in use. On carpet I had no issue with it moving and did not have to use the included strap even at the higher tensions. It is certainly a major step up from the average chair pedal exerciser for sell on amazon. I bought from 3d Innovations LLC and they were an excellent seller.

jaw5279 (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewFinely Made Equipment

I'm pedaling right now as I'm writing this at my computer. Might as well get some exercise while sitting at your desk. In a nutshell, I've been shedding one pound each week since I got this machine---and that's without much diet modification... just the pedaling. You DO need to do whatever is necessary to immobilize your chair and the DeskCycle. You will also find that the Desk Display Extension Kit is vital----get it at the same time you order the DeskCycle. Without the extenison cable, you'll have to stick your head underneath your desk at intervals in order to monitor your mileage (and monitoring your speed would be quite impossible unless you also happened to be an amazing contortionist.) I removed the straps from the peddles---making the DeskCycle infinitely easier to get started with. I boxed up the straps and stored them in that part of my basement that has other boxes marked for such things as spare pistons for the deux chevaux, worn out typewriter ribbons, my old jump boots and spit-shine kit, and that big box of fan belts and oil filters that no linger fit any car I currently drive. I carefully marked the pedal strap box "Save for Tour de France" and put it back behind the old typewriter ribbons. --------------------- The DeskCycle is a finely made piece of equipment----nothing cheap about it. The owner of the company is a bright and fine fellow who understands how much work it takes to be a success in manufacturing and marketing.

Gene H. (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewThis is a great product. I don't always have the time to ...

This is a great product. I don't always have the time to go and workout after work and had been eyeing a couple of different under the desk cycles for a couple of months. I found that I made the correct choice, this bike is so quiet that no one knows that I am peddaling all day long even when they are standing next to me. I did initially have issues with my chair rolling back along with having issues typing while biking, however as time went on I have found that the issues go away as you learn how to pedal correctly and how to be able to work at the same time. If you are interested in getting an under the desk exercise bike to use in an office setting this is the one to get. It is a little higher priced than some of the alternatives but you will not regret this purchase. I would also purchase the display extension at the same time as it can be hard to read without it.

Chris Cesar (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewThe best!

This is an excellent product. I've tried cheaper brands with no luck, it's worth it to go ahead and buy this one. The resistance levels are great and it works when peddling backwards!! You can also put it on a table and get a fantastic arm workout and again being able to peddle backwards works a whole new group of muscles. It's great for people with desk jobs or small apartments, it's also very quiet.

Gardener (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewFive Stars

Great Product!!! Works just like it is described. Well worth the money.

Tracy N. Soika (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewLove It!

Easy to ride! Just have to lower my desk chair. I ride it for at least 10 minutes every hour and have no problems typing while I ride. I would like to ride more. It helps reduce my stress levels during the day. I ride for a full 45 minutes during my lunch hour. Highly recommend.

driver70 "dr1v3r" (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewAWESOME!

Awesome product! The company was so personable and really helpful. I highly HIGHLY recommend this company and this product. Wish I could tell everyone about how awesome it is/they are!

Alexis S. (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewwill buy more

Excellent purchase. Going to buy another one for my home office and one for my wife when I have the spare money.

JMCorp (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewPleasant to use exerciser

Works well, easy to assemble and very good quality. Try to use this on a daily schedule. Easy to burn off calories as you watch TV or using an i-pod, computer etc.

snowtracker (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewThis is a great idea and works well

This is great! It works really well and is great to use in the office, on conference calls, at home watching TV or reading.

MB (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewWould recommend

Worth every penny! Co-workers love it too.

B H Colorado (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewVery nice equipment

Outstanding piece of equipment. I use it every day at my office desk. I recommend purchasing the extender cable so you can put the odometer on the desk. Peddling is very smooth.

Mark Chellis (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewGreat construction

Works well and silently

Karen Loyd "Literature Enthusiast" (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewBest fitness investment ever

I love love love this thing! I have looked for some fitness program that would work for a working mother like myself who has to sit down most of the day. The first day I had this cycle I burned 1000 calories while sitting down doing my job. Plus it is as quiet as a bunny... Funny thing is, I had more energy when I went home. I recommend to everyone who needs to sit down for long periods of time. This is by far the best fitness investment I made ever.

Ferah Saglam (Amazon Reviewer)



this item is awesome! perfect for at your desk. It run so smooth, the resistance goes from none to really hard. Im using it at the moment at my desk. I bought a cheaper model and it was awkward to pedal on and not smooth and not heavy enough and the resistance was awful! i feel like im getting the same workout that I do when i ride the stationary bike at the gym!!! BUY THIS PRODUCT IF YOU HAVE A DESK JOB AND WANT TO GET IN SHAPE AND FEEL MORE ACTIVE DURING THE DAY!!!

timothy valenti (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewWish I had this for the past 15+ years of sitting behind a computer!

This is great! I work all day long behind a computer & have been using this all week...I notice a difference! I have it set on the lowest setting & my legs are sore from using it. Easy to assemble. I also bought the extension for the desk top display so that I can see how fast I am peddling (nice to keep track of my progress). Well made & well packaged!

GigglingPixie (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewTop Notch Customer Service. VERY pleased

I just got this afew days ago and used it for the first time yesterday. Before I review the DeskCycle itseldf, I just want to give a nod and two thumbs up to their Customer Service. This is a big deal to me because I work in Customer Service myself and recognize great service when I see it. When the DeskCycle was delivered, I didn't get to open the box right away. I waited a day to put it together and when I finally did get around to the business of assembling it, I was frustrated to discover that the left pedal did not fit into the left pedal crank. I was incredibly annoyed after having spent the money, thinking I would either be forced to ship the product back or wait for them to send me the replacement part. I called their Customer Service, got through right away, and without hesitation or putting me through the wringer, they immediately offered the solution of having me take it to my local bike shop, have the shop rethread it, and they would pay for it over the phone. They seemed very keen on making sure that it was working properly and that I got my money's worth. When the bike shop technician fixed the problem, even though it was only an $8 fix, they paid for it over the phone and kept their promise no questions asked! Pretty remarkable Customer Service and that is one of the primary reasons I am giving it 5 stars. Having just used it now for one day, I can say this- it is indeed quiet as other reviewers noted. The pedals can be a little awkward to flip over with before you slide your feet into them, but once you master it, it's not that bad, The range of resistance options is really nice, and changing it up is fairly smooth and easy to do with one hand. On the advise of another reviewer, I did need to raise my desk up with a set of 2.75" bed risers so that my knees would not smack into the bottom of the keyboard tray, and once I did so, it was perfect! I bought this product because I sit all day at my desk- sometimes for upwards of 10 hours. I was starting to worry about potential health risks associated with such a a sedentary job, and was becoming alarmed that my ankles were puffy at the end of the day. If only I could just get some exercise. I researched several differnt options and for a number of reasons a stand-up desk, treadmill desk or cycling desk were not feasible solutions. Then I saw an article about the DeskCycle, read the Amazon reviews about it, and decided to give it a spin-pun intended. After just one day of using this device, I went to bed with non-puffy ankles, and non-achy legs. I even slept better. And that was after using it on mild resistance. So far, I highly recommend this. If anything changes, I will update this review. But I have a feeling that the DeskCycle and I will live happily ever after.

Mary Bartels (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewShe is very happy with the product

Everything was as promised.. My wife uses it at work and is knocking out 30 miles a day.. She is very happy with the product...

mglhgvmbv (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewDeskCycle

This is quiet, does not walk and provides a great workout while I'm working. My keyboard on my desk raises so it fits beautifully under my desk. This is a great piece of equipment.

K. Price "Love to Read" (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewdeskcycle

I was introduced to your product by a co-worker. i have multiple health problems with my feet and legs due to neuropathy. using the deskcycle everyday has help with the circulation in my feet, legs and hands. i also like how comfortable it is to use. i highly recommend this product to all ages.

wayne goyco hill (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewUmmi

The bike was easy to assemble,portable and just the thing I need to transform me from a couch potato to a healthier me. I was pleasantly surprised.

Ummi "Pamela" (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewGreat for Rehab

I bought this after a nasty bike accident and needed to regain my ROM before knee surgery. It is smooth to peddle and NO noise. Love the resistant also feels very smooth, no grabbing. I am 5'4" and it fits nicely under my 28" desk with no knee bumping. I also love that it peddles backwards. My PT was impressed as well. Highly recommend.

JudyJean (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewEven better than expected

The DeskCycle is great! Quality construction, easy assembly, and good performance. I have only had the DeskCycle for a few days, but so far I am totally pleased.

Gayle Borst (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewThis product is worth the money.

I sit a desk and was excited to find a product that provided exercise while I was working. The machine is quiet. I can easily use while sitting (yes, my knees are under the desk) and working on the computer. I wear skirts and heels and can easily use the bike. Great product and I would recommend to anyone who wants to exercise while working.

Luann Jones (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewNo time to exercise? DeskCycle is for you

The one thing I've never been is one who likes to exercise. I've always been slim so have never had to diet or lose weight. I also come from a sedentary family. Exercise was never encouraged or suggested for that matter in the 60s and 70s. Everywhere you read about PD the doctors say "Exercise, exercise, exercise". I say "UGH!" I feel relatively well on my medications. There isn't any barrier to exercising, except for increased tremor in my left arm and hand when my blood pumps. That would tend to make me (and I'm sure other tremor sufferers) avoid exercising in public as I hate that to be an attention grabber. I thought I might begin with a piece of newfangled equipment they have out for use at the office. I'm in my own private space. And I can keep working. Good combination. But will I like it and stick with it??? As one who doesn't exercise, just researching exercising makes you feel like you've accomplished something without having to break a sweat. I kinda like that. I made sure to spend a lot of time on research!!! Even drank Gatorade to rehydrate. Not too long after I came across the DeskCycle Exercise Pedaller. Hmmm. I really enjoy a casual bike ride but don't take time out of my day to do any. This could be interesting. It received fabulous reviews. It's only 10" tall so fits neatly under any desk height. Pleasant to look at; it appears in pictures to be very sturdy and uses magnetic resistance for silent operation so I won't bother other people. Love the price: $160 with free shipping from Amazon. I was contemplating a gym membership, but at almost 50 years old know myself very well; I won't use it so will waste $35 or more a month AND feel guilty every day. I ordered it. My DeskCycle arrived on Tuesday this week and my McGuyver husband put it together. (Actually it's simple to do. A few screws and it comes with it's own tool.) He installed it under my very small, very short metal and glass desk. I secured the Velcro strap included to my rolling chair and put my feet in the peddle straps. That's all it took to get started. I hate to giveaway the ending but I love this machine!!! I wasn't sure if my knees would clear the desk (they do), if I would be able to work and peddle at the same time mentally (I can!), or if it would make me break out in a sweat so badly I would need a shower at the office (I must not be completely out of shape because no sign of this). The DeskCycle lives up to the write ups. It is sturdy, silent, and provides a smooth pedal. It feels similar to a recumbent bike. I am pleasantly surprised and actually look forward to pedaling every day!!! Yes, I just wrote that. I pedalled as much as I could fit in for the past 3 1/2 days as I'm getting used to making it a part of my day. It suprisingly added up to 20 miles. It certainly don't remember pedaling that far or for that long. One great thing is you're distracted from exercise by your work!! You could clock dozens of miles and not even realize it. PERFECT! Just like researching you get that high of imagining your exercising, except now you're actually doing it. After the first day I noticed my thighs were sore (I'm starting off with a tension level of 5 out of 8). By the fourth day my legs do not feel as shaky when I walk. Markedly noticeable while strolling with my dog. Hmmm. I betcha if I keep this up it really will improve my balance, my muscle tone, my posture (it makes you sit up straight in your chair - awesome bonus), my strength and maybe even trim my legs, thighs and butt. Forget all of that - the DeskCycle is plain fun and easy. Definitely worth the price and I highly recommend it. Check back with me for updates. I'm hoping this inspires me to add free weights to tone my upper body and then feel confident about that yoga class. Wait, let's not get too ahead of myself. Anyone have a cookie?

Lisa (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewOutstanding!!

Outstanding product!! Outstanding customer service. I cannot say enough great things. I used to be an avid runner, but recently started a job that requires me to be at a desk for 12-16 hours a day. I was really miserable thinking I would be bound to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Then I found the DeskCycle. It has transformed my outlook at work. I cycle at a slow to moderate pace throughout the day, usually cycling about 60-70 miles per day according to the meter. It isn't quite the same as an outdoor run, but I feel immeasurably happier and healthier than I did without the DeskCycle. Anyone who considers exercise a high priority but whose job precludes regular work outs should buy this product. You will be pleasantly surprised by the satisfaction that the DeskCycle delivers. Also have peace of mind in knowing that this company is really top-notch when it comes to customer service. After about 3 months of heavy use, my DeskCycle developed a squeak. I was devastated, as I count on the bike as part of my everyday routine. In fact, I endured some odd glances from co-workers passing by my office as they heard the squeaking sound. I was simply unwilling to sit idle at my desk. I contacted the company, and they shipped out a new DeskCycle free of charge after going through some troubleshooting steps with me (they also responded to my email within about 10 minutes, which was incredible). As luck would have it, the squeak disappeared and my original bike is running just as quietly as it did on Day 1. Without doubt, this company goes above and beyond to keep customers satisfied. In sum, this is the best $175 I have ever spent (no exaggeration). I would pay 5 times that for the amount I've enjoyed this product.

Amazon Prime Member (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewLove Love Love this!

I am 5'3 and my desk is 28 inches. My knees do not hit the desk. This pedals so smooth. I tried a regular set of pedals before trying these and there is absolutely no comparison. These are outstanding.

MrsDub77 (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewThe Deskcycle experience

The desk cycle is perfect for those not having the time to go to the gym. Just sit back in your chair, watch TV, work on your computer, and burn calories at the same time. And it's durable and well made.

Stephen J. Benedetto (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewTRULY SILENT

I work in a cubical setting, so i needed a bike that was truly silent. This deskcycle is worth the extra money. Everyone is jealous, they all want one!!

CAROL (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewFantastic DeskCycle

The DeskCycle exceeded my expectations. It is well made and sturdy and fits easily under my desk. It provides an excellent workout throughout the day. Also, the customer service of 3D Innovations was incredibly responsive and helpful.

Dawn (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewsilent

virtually silent so u dont need to turn up volume if watching tv does not move when pedaling i love it!!!!!

Richard Nabicht. (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewAwesome, Quiet, Smooth Resistance at a bargen

This is simply one of the best inventions out there. This works great, and quiet in my office. I can peddle the pounds away all day on this. I have it set to level 3 and I find that for now it provides just enough burn so I am not over heating at work. I keep a desk fan pointed at me to keep me from sweating. Simple and outstanding value! I am so pleased to have this, it might be a life saver for those of us confined to the office.

David Sandbeck "hallgrd" (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewGlad we paid a little more!

Wife loves it. Really quiet and low enough to the ground to be useful while sitting at a desk. Definitely feels like she burns a few calories.

Amazon Customer (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewbest thing an office worker could ask for!

An engineer i work with showed me his desk cycle and just raved about it. Shortly thereafter i purchase one -- WOW, i could not be happier -- i am at my desk a good portion of the day - and this makes one huge difference in how i feel at the end of the work day. I set my resistance at the mid point and shoot for a minimum of 60 minutes per day. Today i rode for 90 minutes (19.2 miles) - if i don't have time for the gym or a work out afterwork, i know i've done something construtive already ;-) It took about a week to get used to it - the strap to chair felt a little awkward in the begining as it made me feel a little confined. But, after an adjustment or two, i got it to the sweet spot where i could type and pedal just fine. I'm hooked - three or four of my colleagues are ordering -- absolutely recommend!

Barbara (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewGreat buy!

Easy assembly and very quiet! It works great for my recent knee replacement rehab. I am using at my desk at work.

Mike Stevens (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewGreat, is all I can say!

This product not only looks good but is very well built. Works the legs out good while at work or home. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Worth the money!

Brad (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewDeskCycle

(Sports) Very well made, easy to use. The display is nice with a lot of information. The exerciser is heavy and stays in place.

Laura Evensen (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewJust what I was looking for!

I was looking for a good way to help me get more cardio without needing to sit around bored on cardio equipment. This is perfect. It was easy to put together, very comfortable to use, and didn't move. When combined with the velcro strap, even my rolling computer chair on a laminate floor stayed in place just fine. I managed to get in an extra 3 hours of low intensity cardio yesterday while I was working on my computer! I'm very glad I made this purchase, and I would strongly recommend this product to anyone looking for a convenient way to get in cardio, or just to keep their legs moving and burn some calories while working/you tubing/gaming/etc. I'm willing to bet that if everyone with a desk job had one of these to use for a couple hours a day, even at very low intensity, it would go a long way towards curing our obesity epidemic.

Chuck (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewWhat a nice surprise!

I'm cycling as I type this. I've only been on it for 20 mins or so, so I can't speak to the product's durability, but I decided to write a review right away because of how pleased I was by the packaging and set-up. When I ordered this, I wasn't sure whether it would require assembly. It did. But this company has clearly taken a page from Apple's book: Everything was packaged very nicely, and the instructions were in plain English and absolutely easy to follow (even had big type, so I didn't need my reading glasses). They provide the tool you need to tighten the nuts and bolts, which is always appreciated. I was slowed down a bit by my own stupidity when I got to the step of attaching the pedals. I couldn't figure out which was Left vs. Right--but then I read the instructions more closely and discovered the end of each bolt was marked with an L or R. D'oh. Same thing with screwing on the pedals. I struggled until I noticed the all-caps COUNTER-CLOCKWISE for the left pedal. D'oh again. Everything seems absolutely solid. And here may be the best part. Under Maintenance Required in the manual, it says, "No maintenance required." Yippee!!

PennySquared (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewLove this bike!!

I asked for this for Mother's Day. I work a desk job and sit ALL DAY. Being a busy mom it is difficult to find time to work out. This bike is amazing because it allows me to get at least some moderate exercise in while at work. I can feel the burn with the resistance setting turned up and feel much better about my sedentary job having this! The quality is amazing, very well constructed and sturdy. My husband put it together in minutes and said it was very simple. I did have a hard time using my rolling chair and I didn't want to mess with the strap so I just grabbed a different chair and it is working great. I am able to use this and work at the same time without issues...not difficult at all. I highly recommend this!

Melissa (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewLove the Deskcycle!

Haven't had it too long, but it is so easy to use, love how quite it is and hardly takes up any space..

Jerseygrl (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewWorth every cent!

I went from Army Airborne to civilian chairborne and my fitness level declined very rapidly after turn 40 years old. This product is quality material and very quiet. The tension settings really work well. I can easily be at the computer and cycle with ths product. If you are thinking, "The price seems high..." take the risk. I cycled for more than 30 minutes while on the computer (day 1) and felt the heart rate increase, but didn't break a sweat. I am sure with more tension, I would be like a lawn goal is flexibility and less back pain through core strength. I know I can get there with this product. Besides, some movement is better than none. If I fit into old pants, I save money by not having to purchase new ones....

Cavett (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewSo great!

I love this thing. It's super quiet and easy to use. I not only don't mind doing it while I work on the computer, I actually look forward to it. I have no idea if it's really going to burn a lot of calories or make me fitter, but at least it's not a negative.

E. Halley (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewDon't buy a cheap peddler

Gives me an opportunity to get in some exercise since I am at a desk 8 to 9 hours a day when I work. Smooth and quiet. Nice height for under the desk. Eight different resistance settings. I have been using setting 4 for a while. The readout shows the time, distance, speed, and calories. I would highly recommend.

Onsted (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewJust ordered

Wow - am I impressed. It's very sturdy and quiet! Have only just gotten it - and begun but like it very much! Totally recommend! Will probably use it while watching tv with my husband at night!

L Kirby (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewMaybe everyone should have one of these?

This is exemplary of the type of thing you never thought you needed (or ever thought of at all) until you had one and now you cant imagine going back. I have a fairly active job but also odd hours (the joys of working retail) and in general never really feel like I'm as good of shape as I'd like to be or have the time to really devote to going to the gym. Honestly, even if I had all the time in the world I still imagine I would not exercise as much as I probably should. What I really like to do is play videogames, I wont even try to hide that fact, but I often feel like my favorite pastime, while maybe not detrimental to my health, is definitely not doing anything to improving it. With this I play videogames, I bike at the same time. I love the multi-tasking aspect of this. I feel like videogames engages my intellect and this engages my body. Both get exercised and I feel better afterword! I often hardly notice how much I've biked until hours later when I turn the game off and stand up. Again this is really the best of both worlds to me and I absolutely love it. I would recommend this for anyone who is sitting for long periods of time (games, tv, work, etc?) For this specific product it is very sturdy, and VERY well built, it is the type of product that as soon as you pick up or feel you can tell it's of a very high quality. Could not be happier.

justin (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewAwesome, love it!

Love it! Works great, easy to assemble and use. I measured the distance from the floor to the top of the desk, but it is important to measure the depth of your desk to be sure it fits.

Eric T. Bishop (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewSmooth, quiet, heavy, high-quality desk cycle

I love this, I use it 2-3 hours/day while working. It is totally silent, super high quality, looks impressive in my office - kind of high tech, and has an nice smooth "ride". I would recommend this to anyone and people who have seen mine have indicated they will be buying it! Get it with the remote display.

Brian H. (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewvery useful at the desk.

I am working at desk for more than 4 hours everyday. It is very good, easy to exercise without standing any time. I like it!

Grace Kim (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewGood workout

I like the ease of having a machine at home. It provides a good workout with 8 levels of difficulty. Well made

karen fountain (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewLove my DeskCycle!

Easy to assemble and after a few changes to my setup (monitors, chair, keyboard, etc.), I was ready to go. I work in an office setting and my job requires an unhealthy amount of sitting. The DeskCycle allows me to keep the circulation going, stress my cardio system a bit and strengthen my muscles all while continuing to work very effectively. Well constructed and every bit as quiet as promised, I love my DeskCycle!

ncg1701 (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewGood Product

Well made and functioning piece of equip. Quiet and has features that others lack. Would buy again for sure. Good for office or home.

richard morehouse (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewEasy to Assemble/ Easy to Use

I'm a huge multi-tasker. Although I enjoy TV, working on the computer, etc., if I can get something done at the same time, I'm all for it. This helps immensly with exercise! It's very easy to assemble and is very quiet. The attachments on it are easy to use. I'm feeling less guilty with working late into the day instead of going for a walk now.

ag218 "jewelry girl" (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewExercising while working!

The DeskCycle is a wonderful way to get exercise anytime of the day(or night) while sitting at your desk. I highly recommend this quiet, sturdy exercise bike that fits perfectly under my 30" high desk.

Moi (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewCalorie burn while I sit?? YES PLEASE!

Other reviews covered the ins and outs of setup and such, but bottom line, I'm loving it. If you sit at a desk all day and want to do anything to keep your body moving and bump up total all day calorie burn, this is it.

E. Goff "Liz" (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewWhat A Great Investment!

I am a writer and I spend most of my day at my desk. Sometimes writing doesn't wait for you to finish your workout and so when I found this DeskCycle and read the reviews, I had to have it! I ordered it on Tuesday and was surprised to received it the very next day (no extra expedited shipping charges). There is some assembly required, but for the first time in assembling a new product I was happy of the way the manufacture directed you to do so. Each part was individually wrapped and the few bolts, washers and nuts were already in place (something I wish all manufactures would do) so all you had to do was take them out and put them back, incidentally with the tool that was included. No guessing what size, where or how they fit. Noise is non existent while using and it is heavy enough to stay stationary. Amazingly enough I pedaled 23 miles yesterday, feeling the effects in my legs and core. It is what I call "A No Excuse Not To" for exercise machine. I love it and am certain I will continue to love it!!!

Robyn (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewLove IT!

I really love my DeskCycle, I have it under my desk on carpet so I have no issues with it sliding around and it's just perfect for my space. I love the computer to log my miles on. I have had no issues with this product and think it is great!

Lori S. Richards "dirt" (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewHow did I ever live without this???

I work at a desk job 60-70 hours per week, so I would pretty much not get any exercise at all without this. It's the hit of the office! My coworkers fought over who could borrow it while I was on vacation. It's great quality, dead silent, and comfortable to use while working (I just had to lower my chair a bit, so my knees wouldn't hit the desk). I use it at work during the week, and bring it home on the weekends. It's addicting! I love, love, love this and would recommend it to anyone

A. Hale. (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewA good exerciser.

I was quite impressed with the exerciser. I did not expect it to work so many muscles, including as far-reaching as in the lower stomach region. I sit it on the carpet area and it is completely stable, meaning, it does not move. Very well built and easy to assemble. I would completely recommend this item. Happy cycling!!

Leona Henry (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewGreat

I use it every day it's great while I am at work. It's steady and really give a work out

Amazon Customer "Sharon" (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewGlad I Bought It

Very quiet, extremely well-made, and has a wide range of settings. I would recommend purchasing the desktop stand for the digital display so you can enjoy watching the calories burned rack up! This little gem fools you into thinking you haven't done much of a workout until you stand up!! Would highly recommend this machine for anyone who is stuck behind a desk all day.....

Celia Doyle (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewI loved this DeskCycle so much, I bought another for my daughter!

Sitting 8 hours a day at work is not healthy. However, using my stealth DeskCycle gives my lower body a good workout as well raising my metabolism! As my body temperature rises, I'm having to turn the heat down while I'm peddling. I'm figuring that this purchase will pay for itself in no time! I actually cart this unit back and forth to work every day. Both my desk chairs at home and at work are on rollers with 5 *legs*. I loop one of the legs around the base of the DeskCycle, line myself up to the unit and peddle away! Most days I average 30 - 50 miles. At home, I use it at night while watching tv.. The calorie burned data is based on the user cycling at the maximum setting. To get an accurate idea of how many calories burned, you need to input your individual data into this website: [...] . For me, I've come to figure out that using the middle setting of 5 is equivalent to half of what the calories burned. My daughter recently asked for a Treadclimber for Christmas. She had no idea how expensive these machines are! In the past, she's used a recumbent bike, but that was also outside my price range. Knowing that she liked peddling, I took a chance on surprising her with a DeskCycle! She LOVES it and uses it faithfully every day. We BOTH give this product two thumbs waaaaay up! Purchasing the DeskCycle is an investment in your health. BTW, the customer service from this company is exceptional as well...

Christelle Lindewall (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewExcellent Device

This is a great device. I use it when I am sitting in my family room watching TV and I have taken it to work and used it under my desk. If you are looking a nice way to get some exercise in when you are chained to your desk all day and not feeling the pull of the gym at night then this is nice little device for getting at least some exercise in. Pros: Sturdy/Well Made Low Height Small footprint Cons: Doesn't come when I call - go figure!

Timothy Spain (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewSilent, under desk way to get exercise

I bought this exerciser to sneak in some cardio while I sit at my desk and I LOVE it. It is SO quiet that I used it daily it for two weeks and still my cubicle mate does not know it's there. It's great to use while reading or during phone conversations. I've even cycled while typing. The adjustment for resistance lets me incrementally increase or decrease depending on how my legs feel that day. I'm sleeping better at night and feeling more energy. My 9 yr old daughter came to the office with me one night and she even had fun with it. I am so glad I bought this. I put it under my normal height desk and don't hit my knees. I'm 5'6". You can scoot the cycle in or out to adjust for knee height.

Western Girl (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewLove this machine!

I purchased the MagneTrainer a few months ago. I really liked that machine. However, my husband received this one as a gift. I tried it and really loved it! Both machines are great, and you can't go wrong with either one. What I did like better about this one, the fact that the pedals are a bit wider. I sometimes like to ride without shoes and the wider pedal is nice for that. Also, it is shorter, and seems to be a bit easier to pedal. I have no trouble with either bike moving around. I do have them on carpet though. Very sturdy product. Doesn't make a sound when using. Worth the $$$.

LuvstoShop "JodyB." (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewCorporate Attorney Endorses DeskCycle

I love the DeskCycle. I'm a corporate attorney who is stuck in the building 15 or more hours a day. I frequently can't get to the gym, but the DeskCycle has enabled me to burn calories and get a cardio "pump" during the day without leaving my office. The DeskCycle is quiet and discreet. No one knows it's there, but oh what a difference it's made in my quality of life, attitude and fitness. I track my daily progress (i.e. Miles, calories burned) in a marble notebook, which I call my DeskCycle log. It is a genius invention and well worth the cost. Thank you, DeskCycle!

Thomas Smith (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewgreat product

This is a very sturdy, fairly heavy pedal exerciser that I can use with any chair in my living room. I find I can move it if necessary, but probably would use a luggage cart to move to another room. It is very quiet, with good tension adjustment and seems to be of excellent quality. I was able to assemble it fairly easily alone with the tool supplied. I did pretty thorough research reading all the feedback on the other pedal cyclers and am glad I chose this one, The quality is worth the money!.

baroness "Growth Seeker" (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewLove this pedal exerciser!

I'm at a desk all day, so I love having this available. It's quiet and convenient and I love that it has so many tension settings.

BoBina (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewMajor componet of my daily exercise program

Excellent exercise machine I have one in the office & one at home and use on a daily basis as part of my program for fitness.

William E. Greiner (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewYou Get What You pay For!

I initially order a cheaper unit, $50.00, very disappointing. You always get what you pay for. This DeskCycle is worth every penny and more. I'm an Industrial Designer and I know something about design, fabrication and manufacturing. The DeskCycle is excellent in all categories. Last night I clocked 22 miles and 1,000 calories and enjoyed it while I watched a movie. Buy it you'll love it!

Wayne L. Dorpfeld (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewGreat Little Exercise Machine

This is a wonderful little exerciser to strengthen my legs for surgery (knee replacement) and use afterwards for maintenance. It is easy to use and doesn't take up much space

Susan M. "Havanasuzie" (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewDeskcycle Pedal Device

I bought this for my 91 year old mother to use. She loves it. Her friends are also interested in getting one for themselves. My mother feels that exercise helps to relieve the pain of diabetic neuropathy in her legs and feet. Now that she is recovering from a broken hip, this device is her only way to get the exercise she wants on a daily basis in her small retirement apartment.

Marie E. Beckner (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewTotally awesome.

Awesome unit. Works very well. Can manage a web conference and getting in shape at the same time. I really love it!

M. Berggren "Machete" (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewPerfect Exercise Bike!

I bought this Deskcycle after looking at many other exercise bikes. I have RA and my knees are pretty bad so I needed something smooth and low to the ground. This is exactly what I needed! It is super smooth, really quiet, and sits lower to the floor than other pedal exercisers. I use it at home in front of the TV and is so great for keeping my knees flexible and less painful. It does not slide around at all and is a very solid piece of equipment. Highly recommended if you are looking for a way to keep up some exercise level at no impact or stress the the knees

Robin (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewLove it!

I have been suffering with Achilles tendonitis for years and this desk exerciser has improved my pain by 75%. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who sits at a desk for hours on end!

RPozzolano (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewGreat way to get exercise.

This desk cycle is the best way to get exercise if you are stuck at a desk all day. It was easy to put together and fun to use. I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a way to fit exercise into their busy day.

Tamera Dawson (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewExcellent under-desk exercise bike

Very sturdy and well constructed. The top of the bike is partially transparent and allows you to see the magnetic mechanism move when you adjust the resistance. The resistance range is quite broad with 10 settings. I found that the lowest resistance was quite easy, while at the highest resistance I had trouble keeping my chair in place. But if you do have trouble keeping your chair in place, you can use the included rubber band to tie your chair to the bike on slick surfaces. But even on the highest resistance settings I've been able to maintain a stationary position on any office chair with wheels I've tried. Even on fairly hard surfaces. I had to raise my desk by a few inches in order to use the bike. But that would be true of any exercise bike you place under your desk. I bought the "Stamina InStride Adjustable Height Cycle" before I shelled out the cash for this. But buying this was worth it. The same height I used for the InStride cycle, at its lowest height setting, worked perfectly for the DeskCycle. The pedals are spacious and nearly touch the floor when biking, allowing for the maximum amount clearance for your knees. I initially hesitated buying this product because it didn't have free shipping. But really, it is worth it. I'd pay $100 more for a product of similar quality, so the extra $ for shipping isn't that big of a deal. I even contacted 3D innovations customer support after buying one of their MagneTrainer-ER's and they were extremely helpful and easy to contact. I ended up exchanging the MagneTrainer-ER for this DeskCycle and I couldn't be happier. I exchanged the MagneTrainer-ER for this because I found the ER to be a bit top-heavy and requires a higher clearance than the DeskCycle -- but the ER lets you exercise your hands as well as your feet and it also has a more granular and wider resistance range than this DeskCycle. But if you are looking to use an exercise bike under your desk, this is the right choice. I couldn't be happier.

James Hughes (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewLove it!

I've been using my Desk Cycle for a few weeks. I find it difficult to find time to fit in a workout, but I've been able to cycle 5-20 miles a day while working! I work in a cubicle and the cycle is very quiet. I love that it tracks time, miles and calories. A fair amount of my work requires monitoring data loads. So I'm able to cycle while keeping an eye on work progress. It would also work well for those that need to be attentive on conference long as you're not responsible for meeting notes too.

Maureen (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewAwesome product - I think I've started a trend!

I am a 38 year old mother of two teenagers whom also has a full time desk job. I have always been an athlete and exercise enthusiast, however as most other parents of teenage children know, once I leave work for the day I am on the road running my children from school activities, sports, social events, etc., add in normal adult responsibilities such as keeping up the house (laundry, preparing meals, etc), and there is no time (or energy) left for exercise. This lifestyle has left me with an extra 10 lbs that I was able to keep off before when I had more time to exercise. I received this product as a Christmas gift (I had it on my Amazon wish list!) and I have had it at work for 2 weeks and I must say it has exceeded my expectations so far. Pros: QUIET - (I cannot believe how quiet this cycle is!) Sturdy - (very well made) Easy to assemble Velcro strap - (connects from the cycle to your desk chair so you don't roll away (if you have wheels on your chair) Fits perfectly under my desk Cons: Heavy - (Not easy to carry back and forth if you wanted to- I keep mine at work) Velcro strap - (if you have the cycle under the desk it is slightly difficult to get the velcro strap adjusted the proper length from your seat to the cycle to accommodate the proper leg room - then once it is connected, you probably want it to stay connected so then your chair only comes out from the desk as far as the strap will allow) Sweat - (getting sweaty at work - which is why I have 2 small office fans at my desk - one under the desk on my legs and one USB connected one chest height) Every day I post on social media how many miles I have cycled while sitting at my desk during work! I can't wait to see what kind of difference it makes in my daily calorie burn. I also can't wait to get the extension cord that will allow the distance/time/calories burned monitor to sit at desk height. I highly recommend this product for anyone chained to a desk all day!!

Bmurph (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewThe Desk Cycle has changed my life......

"I don't know what I would possibly do without my Desk Cycle! I am a 39 year old full time mom of 3 teenagers, wife and Office Manager who is restricted to a desk 40 hours a week. I used to pay for monthly exercise and Boot Camp classes to de-stress from my busy work day. However now that I am able to pedal while I work at my desk; I now leave work relaxed, refreshed and stress free. It's absolutely Addicting! There are times that I am 6 hours into my work day and I glance at my desk monitor and it says I have pedaled for 3 hours. You will absolutely fall in love with this machine. If you want to make a change for the better all while you lose weight, tone up and become stress free... buy the Desk Cycle now! --Karen Heagy Pros Silent operation Stable (stays in place and does not wobble) Easy to assemble Great resistance options to choose from (1-8) Non slip (stays in place without weights) Pedals in forward and reverse Desk Monitor that records/keeps track of speed, time, distance and Calorie's Low profile (fits under work desk or table) Comfortable Pedals that have adjustable straps for operation with shoes or no shoes Eco friendly (no electricity needed) Customer Service is impeccable based on 100% customer satisfaction Excellent quality Cons Not being able to take it for use on long car trips;) Getting sweaty at work Having to buy a smaller Pant size in just a few weeks

karen heagy (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewGreat Cycle

I purchased this style cycle instead of a full-sized cycle to save space. After reading other reviews, I was confident I was buying a quality product. I have a sedentary job and no time to join a gym, so I thought this cycle would be a good alternative. I am very pleased with this product. It is well made and of excellent quality. It is very quiet so there is nothing about it to distract you or disturb others. I placed the cycle in a corner of my living room and added a chair, sitting both of them on a rug to prevent slipping. It took some trial and error to determine the exact distance the cycle needed to be from the front of the chair. This cycle runs so smoothly, that it is actually a pleasure to use so I watch TV and almost forget I am exercising. I tend to use it barefoot, and I find it hard to keep my feet from sliding around in the stirrups as I cycle. If you are a serious cycler and plan to use it a lot, you should wear socks and/or shoes and use it properly with your feet in the proper position. I was lax with posture and did not use it properly in the beginning and suffered some soreness and muscle cramps. Once I realized I was not sitting properly and the machine was not positioned properly, I made adjustments and no more issues. I highly recommend this cycle.

Janet Stein "Janet Stein" (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewFantastic item

I have had this item for quite a while now. I am a software developer who leads a largely sedentary life even when I am not at work. I will not say that I have experienced radical weight loss due to this item, but you definitely get exercise when using this. Sometimes I forget I am pedaling until I find myself sweating a bit. This is not a hard-core exercise bike but it is great for getting exercise when engaged in otherwise immobile tasks. I generally use it for an hour or two a day at an extremely leisurely pace so as not to make it unpleasant. I am sure that it could put up with much more abuse if you wanted to use it rigorously and that you would experience results commensurate with the level of effort you invest in it. I leave it under my desk and use it as a foot rest when I am not using it to maximize the convenience when I do use it (that is, all I have to do is put my feet on the pedals and go without having to re-situate. Note that it is ideal if your desk is not touching a wall (which mine isn't) as the bike sticks out a bit from the back of the desk... If it is up against a wall that could be an issue but could potentially work if your desk was high enough. I haven't encountered any such issues so I can't comment on them. This thing was absolutely perfect for my application.

Tek Jansen "David" (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewAmazing

I cannot stress how amazing this machine is. It changed my life. I lost a ton of weight just by pedaling all day at work. It is completely silent. Do yourself a favor and buy it.

J (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewGreat product!

This is a great product! I cycle off and on during the day while at my work station and love it. I did need to raise my workstation 2" so my knees wouldn't hit the desk top but it was worth the effort!

Adrienne Chamberlain (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewA Quiet Workout

I bought this after reading the other reviews here and it has lived up to the raves. I cannot believe how quiet this thing is. It will not distract you while you are working at a desk or sitting on a chair in front of the TV. I aim for 15 minutes per night and get a pretty good cardio workout; i.e., I break a sweat. For moderate cardio excercise, I recommend it.

PV "PV" (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewWorth every penny!

Absolutely love this! I am 5' 4" so this works great under my desk... Some of my taller co-workers would have to have a higher desk for this to work for them without crashing their knees. It is very quiet & extremely well made. I am so glad I spent the money to buy this as I am using it every day (finally getting my much needed exercise!) at work.

Gailyn A. Bassler "GB" (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewGreat, best desk pedaler available! Worth the price if you want to pedal at your desk.

Great! Have been using it at work for the past two months, pedaling 33 miles a day, no problems. Would recommend to anyone who wants a desk pedaler that actually works.

karmacomputer "karmacomputer" (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewIt's addictive.

This thing is addictive. I got it last week for my birthday present to myself, and have it under my desk at work. I have a very sendentary job so I was looking for something I could do to get moving and still work. I found this, and thought that maybe the cycling would be distracting. I read the reviews and decided to give it a try. I love it. I don't have to tether it to my rolling chair, and can just cycle away. The motion pumps more blood to my brain, and I don't have foggy thinking in the afternoons any longer. I don't notice the cycling, so it's not distracting. My desk is 27" high, and my knees don't hit it at all. It's completely quiet.

FireSign "TheHeights". (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewcant stop!

Needed to ease into bike riding and found this to start. Quiet, doesn't slide away adjustable, portable, smooth it. Have to pedal to watch TV and found I have to move it away cuz you just don't stop! Actually one of the best investments I've made

Peggy miles (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewBe the envy of all your co-workers lol

I bought this to help me burn up some nervous energy during the work day. I'd stopped smoking and was having a hard time sitting still all day. So far this is fantastic! It's quiet, doesn't move around while I pedal, and everyone in the office wants one now! I like that I can pedal while on the phone or whatever and I feel like I'm not just sitting still all day. Also, the resistance range is really great, at the lowest setting I don't feel like it's going to fly away and after having used it for months, I still haven't gone all the way to the maximum resistance setting. This may not be as effective as heading to the gym but it certainly beats sitting still all day.

joshua geltrude (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewAwesome

Love this product! It is exactly how I thought it would be. It is quiet, works well since I work from home. It does not move or slide around at all if used correctly. I am so glad I purchased it!

FBS (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewVery happy

Perfect for my shorter desk (under 30"). I really like the weight of this machine, it doesn't move around while I'm pedaling. It has good resistance and is very quiet. It comes with a Velcro tether to keep your chair from rolling away. I couldn't be happier pedaling away all day at work. Update I've peddled over a thousand miles from my work station with no problems at all. I've biked at least a little bit everyday and have lost 15 lbs.

Ben Wachur (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewI love my Desk Cycle!!!!

I absolutely LOVE this thing! So many naysayers told me it probably would not work and be awkward to use, but I listened to all the other reviewers of this product on Amazon and am glad I did. The desk cycle is easy to assemble--i have to be sitting at the very edge of my chair for it to feel most comfortable, but I'm telling you, it's great. It's heavy and does not move at all and does not make a SOUND. I don't notice any strange smell as another user mentioned. While I don't expect this bike to replace going to the gym or my regular dance classes (also I think the electronic monitor that comes with it is not accurate, but who cares, that is not why I'm using it) it is a great way to get moving a few times a day and not feel so stiff when I've been sitting for a long time. I need to have a space heater at my desk because I'm always cold, but if I cycle for just 5 minutes, I feel my body temp rising and I don't need the heater. How I've been using it is, maybe around 1:30 after lunch, I decide I'm going to cycle casually until 2:00. If I feel like continuing, I go till 2:30. Then I stop and go about my business. Maybe around 4 say, ok, I'll pedal for about 15 minutes to move my legs a bit. And then I can keep going or not. Just moving for 20 minutes a day a few times a day is feeling great. I've only had it a few days but I love it and am thrilled with this purchase! A few people at my office already have Desk Cycle envy and I'm hoping they take the plunge!!!

Marcy (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewWell made, sturdy and quite

Excellent desk exerciser. Sturdy, quiet and fits right under my desk no problem. I have to use the strap as my chair rolls when I pedal. Like that is shows me how many calories I have burned.

AMo0377 (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewExercise for the Sedentary person in your life

I read about the deskcycle on a website and all reviews pointed to spending a little more to receive a quality product. My husband sits at his desk all day and is on cholesterol reducing and 2 blood pressure medications all due to his sedentary lifestyle. I bought this for him to use and he actually uses and enjoys this new way of exercising.

Risa Mendelson (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewWorks Great!

I purchased this item after starting a new job (100% sedentary) and started to gain a few lbs. The reviews I read on this DeskCycle were all good so I went for it.. & I'm glad I did. It's quiet, easy to use @ work or @ home & I only wish I would have ordered it sooner~

Jennifer Coe (Amazon Reviewer)


5 star reviewGreat exercise bike

High quality machine. Very smooth motion. Nice magnetic resistance. Lower height than cheap ones. It is a quality exercise bike, just one that you sit in a regular chair to use. I've tried a cheaper one with screw resistance, and this one is definitely worth the price if you're serious about using it.

Stephen Sedmak "steve" (Amazon Reviewer)